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replica Bell and ross BR 01 Skull Airborne limited watch


Bell and ross BR 01 Skull Airborne limited watch replica

Bell and ross BR 01 Skull Airborne replica Bell & Ross, made in Switzerland, is, of course, almost entirely Swiss, explains Carlos Rosillo, "except for the strap, which is made in Belgium." Strictly speaking, getting a brand off the ground is not difficult. At the beginning, each of our partners will contribute 20,000 euros. A regular reader of Japanese watch magazines Bruno Belamich came across an article in one of them about a famous watchmaker named Helmut Sinn who lived in Frankfurt, Germany. After a meeting, cooperation began. Sinn designed the first series with the Valjoux and Lemania 5100 Swiss cores. "He put us on the horse."
The first series and the first catalog were created. Meanwhile, the two young owners of Bell & Ross turned to another well-known expert, Lothar Schmidt, IWC's production director at the time. Then, in 1995, their watch made its debut at the Basel international watch fair. It was a difficult time to accept, but today it is very pleasant to remember. Rosillo and Belamich placed their watches in a Twingo car that served as a showcase. The car was so close that buyers, including some prominent people, could not have missed out on the young team. Bell & Ross was a huge success.
In 1997, Rosillo, eager to start his own business but short of funds, signed a financial agreement with Belamich and Chanel, which made Chanel become a minority but significant shareholder of the company and enabled it to operate normally. The manufacturing facility is in Chatelain, Switzerland, and the factory is in la-chaux-de-fonds.

Bell & Ross, Bell and ross watches replica the model brand in the field of professional aviation time meter, dares to challenge conventional rules, and creates the iconic classic design dial with "circle in the square" inspired by the instrument panel of airplane cockpit. If you're diving to the bottom of the ocean, where the pressure increases as you go deeper -- and readability is especially important -- the Bell & Ross diving watch is designed for such extreme conditions. Each Bell & Ross blaise watch is designed to fit its specific environment. For divers, Bell & Ross burrows has developed professional watches that are perfectly suited to the underwater environment and can effectively assist divers in measuring time in extreme conditions. Readable, practical, precise and reliable - fully meet the needs of professional divers.

Br03-92 Diver Black Matte perfectly fits the aviation style which is crucial for the design concept of Bell & Ross divers. In aeronautical engineering, especially in aerospace, ceramics are the most commonly used materials for components requiring high temperature resistance, acid resistance, and corrosion resistance, such as heat shields and rocket heads. Pursuit of excellence in Bell & Ross alex Swiss parker has carried on the improvement to the high-tech ceramics factory, and developed a special manufacturing process, in order to enhance various inherent characteristic of the high-tech ceramics: prevent scratch, wear comfortable, soft and real temperature adjustment ability, which users can achieve immediately after wearing the body temperature.

This new ceramic watch again confirms the brand's functionalism and pragmatism concept, highlighting the brand's pioneering spirit of innovation. By introducing high-tech materials into a professional underwater watch, Bell & Ross burres has created a new functional watch that reinterprets the original values of the brand's iconic Bell and ross BR 01 Skull BR01 watch.

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