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Nuala Tubby
   Very comfortable but long.
Jimmy Cruz
   Great movie!  Captivating ! We would watch it again!!
Alexandra Kunicke
   I purchased these pants for my elderly father. He started complaining that he could not handle buttons and zippers anymore. I suggested elastic waist pants and he really likes these. He says they are very comfortable and much easier to put on and off.
Nat Massey
   If you're a fan of Frankie Valli this is a flick for you. It gives you the background, and also how the more famous songs were made. The only thing I didn't like about it was, it was a bit hard to know what year it was during the movie and how far ahead we had moved in the film. Other than that, great movie and totally worth the buy
China Limon
   Great price and quality, very satisfied.

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