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unmanned machine machine body up suddenly appear

Return to room, the Yan flies to let go of a bosom to embrace of pack the unmanned machine divides time of cardboard box, start deliberating the situation in nowadays.Dismantling to move royal feast will soon start, various absolute being that visit ghost snake all came out an activity.In this one district, the building area of mansion in oneself's house is the biggest, the first step estimates a value over a hundred million.And home only a person of oneself, there is also no friend, calculate up is power list dint Gu.Those people are affirmative to once investigate their own circumstances, knew their he or shes it's completely helpless, so woulded seek oneself.
    The Yan flies to sneer at in the heart, oneself be not what soft persimmon, those people a carelessly may plant a big fall.In this a moment, he profoundly knows, regardless and when, the real strenght is the most important guarantee.Once oneself have enough real strenght, Be not afraid of those people's threat any further, just can protect live an oneself mansion.
    The Yan flies to open a cardboard box and takes out the unmanned machine of inside to divide time.Cut over an angle of view, get into a conjecture operation screen, discover that the eminent contribution value of unmanned machine comes to a getting stripe of 100:00 a point, and screen up also appeared a don't stop twinkling of the red get stripe a button.His consciousness clicks to get stripe a button, see virtual screen one Shan, suddenly close, his consciousness also drive strong line of drive out.
    The Yan flies consciousness regression essence, see unmanned machine machine body up suddenly appear a burst of uncanny motion, this motion proliferation is opened and covers with the living room in the home, then some electric applianceses in the living room start decomposition.The Yan flies one a count for much problem of being surprised, suddenly thinking of and wants to stop getting stripe of unmanned machine, regrettable BE, he now basically beyond control unmanned machine, the getting stripe of unmanned machine process can not be also conversed.
    Fly desire to cry to have no tears in the Yan in, the electric appliances in the living room zero partses be quickly resolved into small particle, these particles collect into ion to flow, then melt into unmanned machine machine the body and flow continuously to integrate along with these ion, and the machine body of unmanned machine starts appearing variety.
    After five minutes, the unmanned machine machine body finally transforms to get stripe completion, just the home appliances of home because parts of partses are resolved, look the pit pit Wa Wa, unbearably dilapidated, have already canned not use.
    The Yan flies to deplore greatly, he just forgot, unmanned machine's getting stripe was an in great quantities original demand material of, he didn't provide these original materials, so unmanned machine meeting oneself Be in the neighborhood carry on withdrawing, while the neighborhood can provide these original materials of, only have the home appliances of his house.This neglects and lets the Yan fly the home appliances of home to discard thoroughly, he purchases these home applianceses to cost 100,000 dollars at least, the result is just a negligence, these 100,000 dollarses became to discard copper lousy iron, and this made him don't already regret.Is unique to let the Yan fly to feel delighted BE, the getting stripe of unmanned machine finally completed.
    Unmanned machine after getting stripe, a color is still a black, Plantation shutters in shape still is four stalk Xuan the in brief public edition of the wing, with don't get stripe of time just about, but physical volume top but increased a lot.The unmanned machine in past all heavy only 2 kilograms, but the unmanned machine in nowadays has already come to a 20 kilograms.

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