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brief tidied up baggage

As for that Yan flies the threat to him, Yang Song in fact has no how to put in the mind.Think at him come, as long as oneself left China, that Yan flew to deal with oneself.Want to know that the Yan flies to connect China the government ax can easily fix him, meeting to compare a China government the ax is badly many foreign government axes, for example the rice country government ax, the Yan flies to also kneels right away!Unless the Yan flew not to want to do business with those nation.
    Since there is the plan to run road in the heart, loose start developing oneself's influence, beat the telephone to a friends of oneself friend there, let he help survey some hes having in the maritime customs be limited a departure.If be not limited a mirror, was loose to purchase a ticket right away, left China, arrive the rice country enjoy own happy life.But make Yang Song disappointed that the affair took place and also really discovered that Yang Song has already been limited to exit from country at him under that friends' friend's search.
    Face this circumstance, Yang Song a while Meng, Plantation shutters very obvious he already drive China the aspect stare at ascend, walk the normal path leave China is could not do.However the begging of mightiness livings desire to make Yang Song start similar brains of oneself's dullard to think a way and incredibly still really makes him thought of a good way, that is to smuggle.
    The willow stops to lean against a medium-sized luxurious yacht in the port of Jin door, Yang Song as long as silently drive this luxurious yacht left from port in the Jin door and waited until in the open sea and contacted one again to smuggle ship to render assistance himself/herself, so oneself can escape China.As long as can leave China with lending own rice country green card, will be able to easily arrive a rice country.
    Thought of and then do, Yang Song is to contact one to smuggle a boats and ships through a secret outlet first, talked that the good price agrees on to render assistance his/her own time and position on the open sea so much behind.Then take the rice country green card in the drawer up, in brief tidied up baggage, also ignored companies to face now of disorder situation, a person disguises dresses up of arrive at street up, beat a private, left emperors all, went to emperors all side of Jin retail sales.
Yan's flying after leaving Yang Shi the mansion don't keep off here with two of his bodyguards, but foolish at Yang Shi mansion flank of a cafe in, Be leisurely and carefreely drinking coffee and observing the circumstance of Yang Shi's mansion.When the Yan flies to see Yang Song's sneaky of left Yang Shi's mansion from the back door, beat a for-rent car, after the facing Jin direction in the door opened over, the Yan flew a corner of mouth to peep out mysterious smiling face, he closed an instrument on the hand, and the close book takes two bodyguards to leave behind.However their direction be not Jin door, but emperor all international airport.
    The Yan flies on Yang Shi's mansion a to hold up, time was 5:00 p.m..The dreamlike technological chartered plane will take off at 8:00 p.m., the destination that flies this time is Charles de Gaulle Airport that fells a country.With emperor all the transportation hug degree, Yan's flying doesn't return to an airport again too late, so time remained by him already not much.
    The Yan flies not to take care of the movements that loosens, isn't that he don't want to deal with Yang Song, contrary is that he has already worked well to deal with the preparation that loosens.He just in the 68 F clapped Yang Song for a while, loosen in with the quickest speed the clothes of inside up installed a position fixed position machine.This thing is what he before on the time in insularity at buy, originally just curious, had never thought to send now up use. wooden shutters blinds

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