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Lygia Guimarães
   Sheets are a little more lime than sage, but they're soft and comfortable.
Gie S. Jacinto
   This book is awesome. I couldn't put the book down. This is about life, love, friendship, acceptance, marriage, parenting and being the best you can be. Jamie talks openly about all her experiences. These are all things  we as women experience on a daily basis. I left reading this book ready to start my day in a fresh new light xo
Ayoub G'nzar
   I always remember watching old tv shows as a kid and people wire these, and I never really thought about their usefulness until I realized that I was so tired from waking too early because of the light that crept into my bedroom each morning.  So I decided to give these a try and so far so good. I am sleeping much more soundly and longer. I have a small head and these fit just fine without moving around at all. They are completely comfortable and I am not at all bothered by the adjustable straps. These were a solid purchase.
Remelyn Navarro Balboa
   These were suggested for our portable playpen/bassinet. They are decent material but they are very hard to stretch onto the mattress. I think they are worth it for the price though.

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